We are back on site this Sunday with some unfortunate restrictions in place. This means numbers are limited at our 8am Service, 9:15am Service, and 10:30 service. Please click HEREto register your attendance at one service only. A Children’s program will run during the 10:30 service.

Thank you to those who responded to the expression of Interest form we sent out in last weeks email. In light of your feedback, we are only running those 3 services this Sunday, and a Thursday 10:30am service in the Heritage Church. A Tuesday midday service may also run at your request – please speak to Alex if interested. We will review after Sunday to discern what services may be needed next weekend.

For those of you who are NOT attending a service at CCD this week and prefer to do Church at Home, here is a link to hear Alex’s message on Malachi chapter 2:17-3:5.

We encourage our people to meet for Church in Homes and worship together with music, pray together and discuss the word.

You may like to use the BDM method of:
– reading the passage 2 times aloud – hearing it read from two different people.
– Together, retell the narrative in your own words with others chipping in to fill in gaps.
– Sit quietly reflecting on the text by yourself for a couple of minutes
– then share what stood out to you and why.
– Then share what you plan to do in response to what you read and heard (how will you respond – what action will you take?)
– and decide who you will share this with (who will you tell?)

God bless you as you gather for Church in the Home or on-site at CCD this Sunday. 

Rev. Tanya will not be present at Services this week as she is away on leave beginning this evening and until Wednesday 10th of November.  


Over two full days’ our Building a Discipling Culture Team gathered to reflect on what it means to put the Mission of God into the Hands of Ordinary people like you and me. We are excited about what we heard and discussed and believe that as we pray and lean on God to bring about His will, he will enable us to cultivate the culture at CCD to become a more disciplined culture. 
We want to be a church dedicated to, and passionate about making disciples of Jesus – one person at a time, through authentic, loving relationships. We believe disciplining others is a lifestyle, not a program. We pray all may we all learn to disciple others in the loving and relational ways Jesus did. May we become more like Him and lead many others to discover Him for themselves – this is the journey of discipleship. We are excited and we hope you will catch the enthusiasm from us! Thanks to Beth, Robin, Julie, and Greg for investing the last two days in this intensive coaching session with me and others from all over Victoria. I love being in this with you, and with Baden as well.    



The Op Shop AGM will be held on Monday 15th of November on-site at CCD. You are welcome to join us if you are interested in getting involved in this wonderful ministry.


Our parish AGM will be held on ZOOM on November 28th, 2021 at 10:45am, straight after a 9.30am zoom service. Nominations for Parish Council, Churchwardens, and Incumbency Committee are now called for. You can access forms HERE. Please return the completed forms to Tanya.
Those who have joined us over the past year and have been habitually attending our online services, and consider CCD their church, are invited to fill in a printable Electoral Roll form to scan and return to tanya@ccd.org.au to become eligible to take full part as a voting member of the meeting. Revision of the Electoral Roll commences in the coming week.
Annual Reports will be emailed out two weeks before the meeting. Please request a printed copy from admin@ccd.org.au if needed. You are encouraged to read thoroughly and raise any questions you have with the writer of the report or give prior notice to the office or Tanya of any general questions to enable considered responses to be given in the meeting.


It’s not too late to enrol for the CAP course running at CCD on Thursday evenings; November 11 & 18, 2021. For more information contact Roger Hendrickse.


– For love and unity in our Parish despite different opinions and vaccination statuses. Praise God who is already answering this prayer! 

– For all of us to adjust gracefully to living with Covid, and for God’s protection over all His people.

– For God’s wisdom and leading as we reopen services with restrictions in place and for extra enabling for Alex this Sunday in Tanya’s absence.

– That we will all choose to get on board with God’s mission in the world, and that God will use us to draw many others into a loving relationships with Him. 

– For everyone struggling at the moment with mental health, and for those we know recovering from operations, in rehab, in pain or unwell.

– For all those struggling with finances, and those who’ve lost jobs recently. Pray for more job opportunities and God’s provision.

– For Tanya to have a safe and refreshing time on leave.


Rev. Tanya