This Sunday’s service premiers on YOUTUBE at 10:30am with Tanya preaching on Malachi chapter 2.
We are pre-recording it tomorrow & Jessica will send out the link on Saturday. Thanks, Jessica!

On Sunday, we encourage those of you who feel comfortable, to gather together with others in one another’s homes for Church online and fellowship face to face. 

If you are not gathered with others you may like to join us on Zoom for Prayer rooms & fellowship at the conclusion of the YOUTUBE service. If so, click on this link when the service ends:

Meeting ID: 833 1165 8451

Also, if you would like to watch the Bishop’s weekly sermon you can click 



The pathway to reopening Church services has been a challenging one and we aren’t quite there yet! We know everyone has a view on vaccines, and many want to be heard, plus the government and diocesan guidelines change daily!

Our utmost goal is to hold to the gospel message that God loves and welcomes us all whether we are vaccinated or not. Thus, we are seeking to reopen church services with all these things in mind; knowing we can’t please everyone all the time, and at the same time doing our best to pastorally care for all in our congregation. Please know you are all loved and valued regardless of vaccination status’ and views on the matter.

We have some ideas of what services we would like to plan as we reopen so we ask you to please click HERE to open the form and let us know what service you are interested in attending next weekend and for the month of November. (Note: these are temporary plans which will change with restrictions by the end of November).

We are also considering adding a Tuesday midday weekly Eucharist on November 16, 23 and 30. Please reply email directly if this is of interest to you as it’s not on the form.

Your input will help with planning which services to run with. Thank you for your input and feedback.  


Our parish AGM will be held on ZOOM on November 28th, 2021 at 10:45am, straight after a 9.30am zoom service. Nominations for Parish Council, Churchwardens, and Incumbency Committee are now called for. You can access forms HERE. Please return the completed forms to Tanya.
Those who have joined us over the past year and have been habitually attending our online services, and consider CCD their church, are invited to fill in a printable Electoral Roll form to scan and return to to become eligible to take full part as a voting member of the meeting. Revision of the Electoral Roll commences in the coming week.
Annual Reports will be emailed out two weeks before the meeting. Please request a printed copy from if needed. You are encouraged to read thoroughly and raise any questions you have with the writer of the report or give prior notice to the office or Tanya of any general questions to enable considered responses to be given in the meeting.


The Op Shop AGM will be held on Monday 15th of November on-site at CCD. You are welcome to join us if you are interested in getting involved in this wonderful ministry.


A CAP course will run at CCD on Thursday evenings; November 11 & 18, 2021. For more information contact Roger Hendrickse.


Have you managed to fill a shoebox for a needy child?
Please speak to Rosemary Box if you’d like her to drop your filled box off at Koorong in early November. 


– For those we know recovering from operations, in rehab, in pain or unwell: Alan, Pat B, Janet F, Eunice A.

– For love and unity in our Parish despite different opinions and vaccination statuses. 

– For everyone struggling at the moment with mental health

– For Job opportunities for Steve and Deanne Cooke 

– For all those struggling with finances, and those who’ve lost jobs recently.

– For all of us to adjust gracefully to living with Covid, and for God’s protection over all His people. 

Every blessing to you in Christ Jesus, 

Rev Tanya