The support and comfort of those who have been bereaved were close to the heart of Jesus in his earthly life and continues to be our priority.

The provision of a service in which people can grieve and give thanks for the life of their loved ones is a sacred trust that we consider a privilege to share with you. 

At Christ Church, you can be assured of sensitive and compassionate collaboration in shaping a service that expresses the character of the one you love and is faithful to the Christian message of comfort and hope in the resurrection of Jesus.

There is a choice of venues depending on the anticipated size of the congregation and the preferred style of service.

The Heritage Church provides a beautiful reflective ambience and seats approximately 110 people.

The Peace Worship Centre (Auditorium) seats double that comfortably with overflow capacity and provide a more contemporary feel and wider choice for musical accompaniment. Media facility for visual tribute is available at both venues.

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