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Hope in Anxious Times

As I prepare for Sunday morning’s service with Isaiah 35 and read the vivid and dramatic promises of God through the prophet, I reflect on how many years so many of these promises waited for their fulfilment. There were often layers to the prophecies, some relating to contemporary political events and military threats, some projecting decades ahead and others centuries, speaking of the One who was to come. What faith this called for from God’s people! How could they endure? How could they hold onto their hope?
It was certainly not by focussing on their circumstances, nor on the apparent delay in the answer. Their focus had to be the character of God who made these promises and who had shown his faithfulness time and again in the past. Ish 33:5-6 ‘The Lord is exalted for he dwells on high; …He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.
When all else appears empty, unyielding, or greatly perplexing, dig deep into God and into his Word.
Let him become the centre of your focus, devotion and hope. He has predicted that the earth will be shaken so we ought not be surprised when this occurs. And he has revealed why: so that what cannot be shaken may remain. Hebs 12:27. Ally yourself to what cannot be shaken, Allow whatever idols that may have crept into your affections to be exposed for the pretenders that they are. Fear the Lord. He is your one and only safe place – the sure foundation for our times – and your truest treasure.

New Zoom Praise & Worship Service

This Sunday afternoon from 5pm – 6pm(ish) you are invited to church on zoom where we are able to meet with each other face to face. We will sing God’s praises accompanied by our own musicians. We will wait upon the Lord and share what he may be speaking through us, as well as reflect on Tanya’s message from Revelation 4. Come relaxed and expectant, ready to rejoice and to hear from the Lord. You can join via this link… and using the Passcode 495665. To join by phone, call 7018 2005. Meeting ID 88601904817.

Discipleship that Deeply Changes your Relationships with Others
Learn to love others well through more effective communication, discovering skills that save much hurt and misunderstanding in relationships.

The ‘Emotionally Healthy Relationships’ Course

teaches us how to love others well as an expression and outflow of loving God. The course also takes us forward in our walk with Jesus through the daily rhythm of silence, stillness and prayerful reflection on Scripture Commencing first week of Term 4, registrations are now being received with brochure with details


Please register by 20 September.

Costs: $35 ($30 conc) ; (Couples $60 or $50 if sharing Devotional book) 
Rhythm of Daily Prayer

Please find here your own copy of prayers for three times a day and at night designed by the Welsh prayer and blessing community of Ffeld-y-Brenin. Enjoy!

MMA Gift

Dawn has expressed thanks for the recent anonymous donation of $150 to the work of MMA which in addition to off site sales rendered an income of $635 this week for this essential missionary work.

Pray for Others

Please pray for our own dear B A who is now in hospital and not expected to leave; for S, having treatment for prostate cancer; R (surgery this Tues); for C’s husband, D, in hospital commencing treatment for lung cancer. Pray for A’s Mum – W – in hospital with suspected minor stroke, for N, nursing in aged care under stressful circumstances; Continue praying for complete healing and recovery for C, E, J, A, J, P, S, L, C, A. Give thanks for recent good news for J, R, F in their health journeys. Pray for God’s continuing comfort for R and for N – for grace upon N’s witness to the people of her retirement village in great need of Jesus as she has requested. Pray for Mecka leading the Covid fight in Tanzania and for his family here in Australia; for Greenwood Mews and Manor – that the love of Christ touch and open many hearts to his grace and goodness. Pray for the people of Dingley Village, all who run businesses and for medical clinics and care workers.

Pray with Others
(Zoom Links for all)
Saturdays 8-9am

and /or 
Wednesdays 12-1pm

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God bless you,
Wayne, on behalf also of Tanya and the staff at CCD.