Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

How are you? I encourage you to pick up the phone and call a congregation member or one of our pastors if you are feeling a bit down, alone, or in need of some practical help, or even if you’re feeling great! Let’s keep connected; encouraging and supporting one another while we are apart.


Serving others is a great way to improve positive thinking and feel part of something bigger than ourselves. There are many ways you can serve one another in Covid shutdown times. Please pray and consider being involved in:

– Gardening/Mowing on a roster basis
– Zoom Services Tech. team.
– Pastoral care may include: phoning others, providing meals and practical care.


David K will be bringing us the message from 1 John 2:3-11 & 15-17. Here’s a taster:

 I remember reading a quote from Gandi and I found it to be quite offensive. He said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” After thinking about this more the question came to mind. “How do we know if someone is a Christian?” It’s something that we probably don’t really think much about.  Yet in our portion of scripture John lays before us an answer to this very question. Join us on Sunday as we look more closely see what the Lord would say to us through John.


Tanya will send out the ZOOM link and Children’s booklets on Friday, so check your inbox and be ready to jump on zoom by 10:30 am this Sunday.  


TAVIS &  KATE  BEER (with CMS) have been equipping Aboriginal leaders in the top end for 10 years, & feel it is the right time to entrust this ministry to others for the next season. They return to Melbourne by years end.

– The translation  of the full Prayer Book into the Kriol language [ launch date 17/9/21 ]
– The planning of the Katherine Christian Convention (with the Committee) for 8 years.
– Setting up Trauma Healing Workshops for women in jail.
– The development of a ‘yarning map;’ a brilliant teaching aid for communication with indigenous leaders.
– Tavis being a locum as Acting Dean of the Darwin Cathedral when needed.
– Kate’s new role 2022  at Ridley as an Associate Dean of the Anglican Institute.
PLEASE PRAY FOR  FIN & KATE  who both have a non-Covid coughing virus. It is a peak time for Fin’s year 12 studies also a challenging time for Kate to be sick.


Pray for:
– Mecka and also the Anglican Church of Tanzania and their Synod being held on 22nd – 29th, September 2021.
 – Afghanistan as you feel led.
– For the Orphans and Care workers we partner within Baraka, Africa.
– Peg Cross recovering from a Hip Operation.
– Janis’ mother in law for safety
– Kellie A; for her health; and for her mum & Kiri.
– For those grieving the loss of loved ones.
– For those struggling with mental health issues and/or loneliness
– For healing and comfort for those sick or in pain.
– For those struggling financially.
– For God to reveal himself to those who are searching.
– That more and more people will seek and find Christ during Covid.
– That we will make disciples as Jesus calls us to.
– That we will truly love one another in thought, word and deed. 


We don’t often talk about money at CCD, and our treasurer has let us know there’s been a significant reduction in cash offertory during the lockdown. We understand this could be a financially difficult time for some. For others, it might be more of the case of not knowing how to give when restrictions are in place. If that’s you, please read the note below from our trusted treasurer… 

Reduction in Cash Offertory during Lockdown.
With ongoing lockdowns since June, we have observed that while Offertory giving by EFT has continued at the same level, giving by Cash has significantly reduced during June/July/Aug, from $4,000 in May down to only $100 in Aug.  This is understandable since people have not been able to attend Church and place their Cash offertory in the Offertory box.
As the lockdown has now become protracted with no clear indication as to when we will be able to gather together again for Church at CCD, we would ask those who have been unable to give their usual regular cash offering over the past 3 mths, to please consider bringing their giving up to date by one of the following 4 options:
1) Direct Deposit by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into CCD’s bank account (Preferred option)
Bank account details are : 
Account name:  Christ Church Dingley – Vestry A/c 
BSB:  633000    (Bendigo Bank)
A/c Number: 149484024 
Reference:  Offertory   (Please ensure you notate your giving as ‘Offertory’)
2) Direct Deposit by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into the ADF “Parish Giving’ account managed by the Melbourne Diocese.  
Giving via the ADF Parish Giving A/c is anonymous, as all giving directed to Christ Church Dingley is transferred in Total once per month from the ADF into CCD’s bank account.  (No breakdown or individual details are provided). Funds should be directed to the ‘Parish of Christ Church Dingley’ FOR ‘General Parish Purposes’
If you would like a copy of the Brochure for ‘Parish Giving via ADF’ incorporating a ‘Direct Debit Request Form’ please email our Treasurer, Howard Carne, at
3) By Cheque through the mail (Please do not send cash through the mail) 
Place your cheque in your usual ‘Offertory Envelope’, and enclosed in a plain envelope and mail to : 
Christ Church Dingley 
387 – 405 Old Dandenong Road 
Dingley Village,  Victoria.  3172
4)  By Cash placed in the Church letterbox 
Place cash in your Offertory Envelope or a plain envelope if you do not use Offertory envelopes (write ‘Offertory’ on front of envelope), and drop it into the Church letterbox, located in the brick pillar outside the Vicarage facing Old Dandenong Road, No. 387.
Giving for specific Ministries and Missions 
For people wishing to give to specific ministries (eg: Care & Share, MMA, Hands at Work), you may do so via options 1, 3 or 4 above.  Please ensure you clearly identify what the giving is for in the ’Reference’ field (eg; Care & Share, MMA, etc)

Thank you and bless you for your faithfulness in continuing to financially support God’s work through Christ Church Dingley in our community during these times of separation and disruption. 


Get vaccinated! Getting vaccinated is an act of love for your neighbour, and to provide safety in our community, churches and society. There is no credible argument against vaccination, and the risks of serious side effects from any of the vaccines available are extremely low. For those concerned that the origins of some vaccines are from an aborted foetus in the 1970s, we believe that God intends for good even bad actions and events, and the good from the vaccine is significant.
The Archbishop and bishops have all had a second dose, or have the second dose booked within the next few days.


The Professional Standards Review Panel is conducting a review of professional standards on behalf of the Archbishop in Council and is seeking your input on the following processes:
– Clearance for Ministry
– Clearance for Service
– Complaints handling and resolution If you would like to contribute, please go to  Thank you! 


Join 7:30am Wednesday, September 15th, 2021; for “Fighting Crimes Vicious Cycle”

God bless you in everything you do with Him and for Him this week,


Rev. Tanya