Do you need assurance of your eternal life in Christ? That’s the very reason John wrote the letter we call 1 John. He wrote in the order that the first readers, and all children of God throughout all ages, may “know”; meaning to have an intuitive knowledge which is certain, trustworthy, and true, that they (we) have eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. If you’ve ever doubted your salvation, or sinned and thought God wouldn’t want anything to do with you, I hope you will join us online this Sunday as Reverend Tanya preaches from 1 John 5.


Check your inbox or the CCD Facebook group this Saturday for the YOUTUBE link for the 10am Playlist brought to you by Howard, and the 10:30am premier service. Join us on Youtube for worship, followed by fellowship on ZOOM after the service. A Kids spot by Baden, and Children’s activity booklets will be included in the email on Saturday.


October 17th – CHURCH ON ZOOM
October 24th – CAP SUNDAY ON ZOOM
October 31st – will be a YOUTUBE service.


– Pray for our year 12 students, and those doing year 12 subjects.
– Pray for Steve Cooke’s job opportunity with AMES, helping Afgan’s arriving in Australia. He is still waiting to hear if his application was successful. His latest newsletter can be found here.
– For Pat B for the right path forward for treatment and pain relief. 
– For Eunice in Rehab Hospital for strength to walk and come home.
– For Patrick G recovering well from back surgery.
– Pray for Janet F for quick healing and reduced pain after her operation.   
– For comfort and peace for Patricia and Lorraine as they grieve the sudden loss of their sister, and also their brother in law.
– Continued comfort for Dennis and Robyn Bell’s family as they grieve the loss of Deb. 
– For Monika grieving the loss of her mum, and all who we know are grieving the loss of loved ones.
– For those struggling financially.
– For CCD’s finances
– That we will truly love one another as Christ’s disciples, regardless of differing views on vaccines.  

THANK  GOD  for  ‘Hands at  Work ‘Baraka, ( a poverty-stricken community) in Zambia Africa, which CCD supports financially.

Here 150 children are given food, education, & basic health care. These orphaned or vulnerable children are rescued from malnutrition, slave labour, extreme poverty &  hopelessness & given holistic care.
PRAY that more children can be sponsored (at $25  per month per child.)

PRAY also for their volunteer care workers who experience transformation as in Isaiah 58 verse 10.


Here is the sermon link for this week:


Money can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about, especially for a Church. It ought not to be the case. Christian’s believe that God is worthy of all praise and worship, and giving him the first 10th of our income is a way to show in action that he means more to us than money. It’s an act of worship.

At Christ Church Dingley we understand that Covid restrictions have caused many of us financial uncertainty and many are facing tough times. This mention of money is not meant to make any of us feel bad for what we can’t contribute to God’s work at this time through CCD. We simply want to encourage God’s people to give what we can! God loves a cheerful giver!

Thank you to all who have resumed their cash giving and we look forward to catching up on cash tithing as we move forward.

For those who usually give their tithes electronically, please could you check your recurring payments are currently being made. Our wonderful finance team has some concerns around reduced giving in recent months and what it may mean for us as we move into a new financial year. For more information, please read below:


We mentioned in early September that Offertory giving by ‘cash’ had significantly reduced since June with ongoing lockdowns preventing people from attending Church and being able to place their offering in the Offertory Box.  It has been encouraging to observe peoples’ faithfulness in beginning to catch-up their cash giving during September by dropping their offertory into the Church letterbox located in the brick pillar outside the Vicarage facing Old Dandenong Road, (No. 387) – Thank you!   

However, we are not yet back to the pre-June level of giving by ‘cash’, and as the lockdown is expected to continue for another month, we would ask those who are yet to catch-up their regular cash offering and are financially able to do so, please consider bringing their giving up to date by placing it in the (locked) Church letterbox or mailing a cheque to the Christ Church Dingley, 387 – 405 Old Dandenong Road Dingley Village, Victoria.3172.   Again thank you.

In regard to giving by EFT, we have observed a reduction in Aug & Sept.  We understand there could be various circumstances and reasons giving rise to this, particularly in the current economic environment, however, we would ask those who do give by EFT to please check that your “Direct Debit Transfer Authorisation” is still current and has not expired, or ceased due to any changes in your bank arrangements.   

Christ Church Dingley’s bank details are : 
Account name:  Christ Church Dingley – Vestry A/c 
BSB:  633000    (Bendigo Bank)
A/c Number: 149484024 
Reference:  Offertory   (Please ensure you notate your giving as ‘Offertory’)


Roanna is updating the data needed for Elvanto (our new church database) which includes the updated Parish Directory some of you are asking for. Please email for the form. Feel free to include your birthday so we can celebrate with you when it comes around. All children and youth’s birthdates are required. Note: If you have no children you still need to scroll right to the bottom of the page to press Submit.

Happy birthday to those celebrating birthdays this week!


Rev. Tanya