For some of us, change of any kind can be a little daunting. Even though we know that change is inevitable and usually a positive thing, we are, by nature, creatures of habit. In contrast, God who remains the same always is constantly “doing a new thing” (See Isaiah 42:9, 48:6, 2 Cor 5:17, Rev 21:5 etc.)
He has promised to complete the good work in us which he started (Phil 1:6), and HIs goal is to transform us (change us) into the image of His Son. (Rom 12:2). He doesn’t want us to stay the same! He wants us to grow and mature, so He allows our lives to be disrupted at times. It’s true that when we are “uncomfortable”, we grow the most. The opposite is also true too: If you are comfortable; you are not growing!

This year and last, we have certainly had our fair share of disruptions & changes. In fact, I now feel like “Change” is the new “Constant!”. With the news last week of my new position beginning in February in Mount Eliza, and with the news that CCD’s next Vicar will arrive in January, I encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus through all the upcoming changes. Jesus is the one who remains unchanging in all circumstances. He is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Therefore, I encourage you to keep your eyes on Him and read His word. As you do this, He will keep you steady and guide you, and remind you that He loves you and wants what’s best for you. He will help you to embrace the changes.

This Sunday, note the changes to our service times. We are trialling the 9 am service until Christmas. I hope you will join us on-site at CCD at our 9 am Vaccinated (unlimited numbers), or 10:30am unstated service capped at 50 people; which will also be live-streamed to our closed Facebook group. On Sunday, Alex starts our Advent sermon series on Christmas Carols, beginning with “What Child is This?”. 


 Give the gift of  Clean Water, a Goat or a chicken to someone in the 3rd world!!!
The stall will be open on Sunday 5th, 12th and 19th of December in the Foyer before & after the 10.30 service & on Friday 24th December before & after the 5pm service. 


Pleasant Tuesday will not run in December or January but will return to CCD in February 2022.

On Monday 13th of December. Speak to Alex for details.

– Praise God for the announcement of the new Vicar.
– Praise God for the AGM and combined service on Zoom last Sunday which brought Glory, Praise and Honor to him.
– Pray for Steve Cooke; for wisdom and guidance as they reach out to people, build friendships and share the love of Jesus, and minister among refugees in various ways.
– For Vi on the passing of her husband.
– For Pat Balfe’s healing and recovery.
– For all the homeless people who access resources on-site at CCD and need housing. Pray especially for Lisa to get a rental property ASAP. 
– Pray that we will all choose to get on board with God’s mission in the world and that God will use us to draw many others into loving relationships with Him. 
– For the Vicarage renovations and funds needed.
– For all those struggling with finances, and those who’ve lost jobs recently… Pray for more job opportunities and God’s provision.
– For more people to join our gardening team.
– For more volunteers for our Op Shop team.
– Pray that Tanya will have a restful time on leave (December 2-4).
We are all called to play our part in the body of Christ and serve God and His people in/through the Church. Please consider being part of our Op shop team, maintenance or gardening teams, communion set-up team, welcoming team, or share how God is calling you to serve during this next season. 
The diocese of Melbourne is helping us meet our compliance standards with new online training. All volunteers at CCD will need to complete level 1 before February 28th, 2022. You can complete it online at home in about an hour, and it’s fun! Plus, you get a certificate at the end.
We will send a letter to all our volunteers about this, and we will also offer group training in late January and February next year. If you’d rather get started now you can click on this link and go for it!

You will need to cover the cost of $20 to access the training and we ask you to submit the receipt to the church office for reimbursement. We want to invest in you and cover your training costs because you are worth it. We value and appreciate your service of God and His people at CCD.  


Blessings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Rev. Tanya