How are you feeling now that more restrictions are lifting?

I was asked this morning how I feel about holding a Christmas Carols Service without wearing masks!? I’ll look forward to that!

Meantime, masks are still required for this Sunday. We hope you will attend either our 8am unstated service (for 26 people), the 9:15am vaccinated only service (now with limitless numbers), or the 10:30am unstated service (with up to 53 people). Though not compulsory, it would still be helpful for you to pre-register your planned attendanceHERE.Thank you.
If you are choosing to stay home, you can access the Children’s Activity booklets HERE. And the adult’s message is below. Click on the triangle in the image to hear Alex speak on Malachi 3:16-4:6.
BEGINS AT 9:30am on ZOOM

also on ZOOM 


Click on the blue button below to access the AGM reports. Please direct any questions to the relevant person before the AGM to allow for an informed reply.

Also on November 28th, at 2pm,
a memorial service for John Lansdown
will be held on-site at CCD for Vaccinated people only to attend.
Afternoon tea will follow the service.  

Some of you may remember a former congregation member and an excellent human being (I’m told!), Chris Waddle who passed away on Wednesday at age 75. Please pray for God’s comfort for his family in their grief.  

 Give the gift of  Clean Water, a Goat or a chicken to someone in the 3rd world!!!
The stall will be open on Sunday 5th, 12th and 19th of December in the Foyer before & after the the10.30 service.
& on Friday 24th December before & after the 5pm service.

The diocese of Melbourne is launching a new platform to help us meet our compliance standards with new online training. All volunteers at CCD will need to complete level 1 before February 28th, 2022. You can complete it online at home in about an hour, and its fun! Plus, you get a certificate at the end.
We will send a letter to all our volunteers about this, and we will also offer group training in late January and February next year. If you’d rather get started now you can click on this link and go for it!
You will need to cover the cost of $20 to access the training and we ask you to submit the receipt to the church office for reimbursement. We want to invest in you and cover your training costs because you are worth it. We value and appreciate your service of God and His people at CCD.  

National Church Life Survey 
CCD will be taking part in the National Church Life Survey which we plan to send out via email very soon. We hope all will take part.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Continue to pray for one another!

Rev. Tanya