our mission

To be a Thriving, Need-Meeting and Life Transforming Community with Jesus at the Centre.


part of the anglican diocese of melbourne

What Anglicans Believe


our vision

Our overriding vision at Christ Church Dingley is to see the Kingdom of God come – in Dingley, our nation and the world – as evidenced by God’s will being done on earth as in heaven. This means we seek to partner with God in what he is doing and with others who share the values and purposes of his kingdom.

To this end, we envision a church that is thriving through the life-giving presence and power of the Holy Spirit in us and shaping our corporate life through the gifts and callings he gives.

The compassion of Jesus and the constraints of his kingdom call us to respond to those needs in our wider community that we are particularly equipped and called by God to serve. We recognise that the deepest human need is to know the love and leadership of God for our lives, and so through prayer and proclamation of God’s word, desire to see lives transformed. The fruit of Jesus’ activity in a person’s life is to place us in the community (the church) where he continues to shape us by truth and love into maturity, which is Christlikeness.




a worshipping church

 that is devoted wholeheartedly to the One who saved us. That we are enthralled by the God who loves us so deeply that He gave His Son that we might be His forever. To be a people so captivated by His splendour and grace and that we’re compelled to honour and glorify Him as He is worthy of our best. For our worship to be intimate, energizing and a whole of life experience.



where God is central to our lives and our faith is outworked in all aspects of every day life – where we are real and honest in our dealings with one another, committed to encouraging one another, and supporting one another practically and in prayer. To be a Church where we are honest about our struggles, yet experience the power of God in overcoming them.



where the proof of His presence in our lives is validated by our genuine love and care for one another and where all kinds of people can find genuine friendship, community and an abundant life in Christ.



where we not only know the scriptures but we live according to them. A church that takes the cross of Christ and the great commission seriously – making disciples, who in turn make other disciples and that we do everything in the power of God’s Spirit and in dependence on God in prayer.



where we are devoted to prayer. We personally and corporately cultivate stillness so that we might listen to God through Spirit and Word. We are fervent and constant in intercession, recognizing that apart from God we can do nothing, and that those who ask receive!
With prayer as our foundation we are a centre for healing, hope and restoration in people’s lives.



where baptism in the Holy Spirit is the common foundation of our spiritual fervour and the fruit of the Spirit is evidence of our maturity – a church where the spiritual gifts are used to build up the body of Christ.



where people are encouraged to step out in service and ministry where we will be stretched and deepened in the Lord and where God adds to the church increasing numbers of devoted followers.



 that takes risks and makes bold and generous sacrifices for the Kingdom. A group of radical Jesus people who are a blessing to our community, region and the wider world, building with Christ, to hasten God’s Kingdom on earth, through the power of the Spirit.

our covenant

Committed to by those present at a combined service on 6th November 2011. 
Scriptural base:
2 John 1, 1 Corinthians 13, Romans 12 

We will seek our worth in Jesus Christ not from the praises of people. – Eph 1:3-8, Jn 12:42-43, 1 Jn 3:1

We will seek to love one another as Jesus first loved us – sacrificially. That is, giving of ourselves for one another, even when it hurts. Jn 15:12-14 Rom 12:9-13, Phil. 2:3-4

We will speak to one another using words of encouragement, seeking to build one another up in love. – 1 Thess 5:11 Eph 4:29, Col 4:6,

We will speak the truth in love and not engage in or condone gossip of any kind. Eph 4:15-16, Prov. 11:13

We will seek to live in humility, showing meekness (emotional honesty), in our dealings with one another. – Phil. 2:2-4

When we are in conflict with another we will speak directly to the person involved, seeking to be reconciled according to the principles taught in the Word of God. – Matt 18:15-20, Matt 5:23-24

We will practice forgiveness – giving one another freedom to make mistakes, and accepting one another’s repentance when we fail. – Col 3:13-14, Matt 18:21-35

We will pray for our leaders. – Eph 6:18-20, 1 Thess 5:12, Heb 13:7,17

We will stand together against the enemy and, by our life together; seek never to give ground, but rather to advance. – Eph 6:10-20, Jn 17:21, Ps 133